Here is a collection of our favourite Concurrent Disorders Handouts and Information Booklets.   These are often appropriate to share with service users, families and support persons.  We have separated them into a few categories.

Feel free to send us yours to add to the list.

Concurrent Disorders:

  • Concurrent Disorders: An Information Guide (CAMH): PDF Copy
  • A Family Guide to Concurrent Disorders (CAMH): PDF
  • Stigma: Understanding the impact of prejudice and discrimination on people with mental health and substance use problems  Print-friendly PDF

Mental Health:

  • Anxiety Disorders: An Information Guide (CAMH): PDF
  • Bipolar Disorder: An Information Guide (CAMH): PDF
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): An Information Guide (CAMH): PDF
  • Schizophrenia: An Information Guide (CAMH): PDF
  • Trauma: Common Questions About the Effects of Emotional Physical Sexual Assault (CAMH)   Print-friendly PDF
  • Women: What do these signs have in common? Recognizing the effects of abuse-related trauma (CAMH)   Print-friendly PDF
  • Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy: An Information Guide (CAMH): PDF
  • Hope and Healing after Suicide: A practical guide for people who has lost someone to suicide (CAMH): PDF

Pamphlets on Psychiatric medication classes:

Substance Use:

Medications used to treat addictions

  • Methadone Maintence Therapy: A Client Handbook (CAMH):  PDF
  • Methadone Saves Lives pamphlet series (CAMH)

 Finding Treatment in Ontario:

ConnexOntario has three comprehensive online directories of services:

Finding Treatment for Substance Use, Mental Health & Problem Gambling in Ontario (CAMH Pamplet):