Interactive Beginner Workshop: “Concurrent Disorders and LGBTQ Youth: Creating and Enhancing Best Practices”

This interactive workshop will provide an overview of terminology, definitions and a brief history of the psycho-medico entanglement of LGBTQ identities, specifically within an Ontario context, and the socio-cultural shift from pathology to an understanding of increased vulnerabilities of this population with the goal of strengthening best practices in working with LGBTQ youth with concurrent disorders.

By the end of this workshop the audience will:

  • Enhance their knowledge of LGBTQ communities
  • Develop an understanding of the concept of ‘minority stress’ and the impact on LGBTQ youth
  • Receive information on current research around the trends and patterns of LGBTQ youth and concurrent disorders.
  • Increase capacity in developing best practices and respectful engagement in working with LGBTQ youth in health care settings.

Presenter: Will Rowe, MSW

Date: January 17th, 8:30am-11:30am

Registration: LGBTQ Youth & Concurrent Disorders – Eventbrite


 Advanced Lunch & Learn “Implementing standardized screening instruments for concurrent disorders in outpatient and inpatient settings”

Given the substantial heterogeneity in concurrent disorders, comprehensive screening of symptom profiles is critical for effective and individualized treatment.

Our objective is to design and implement a standardized clinical screening battery in inpatient and outpatient CD programs at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH).

By the end of this presentation the audience will:

  • Learn about validated methods for efficient screening for addictive behaviour and mental health disorders.
  • Learn about a pilot project implementing a standardized screening battery for concurrent disorders at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.
  • Learn about challenges with this project and future strategies for addressing these challenges.

Presenter:  Dr. Michael Amlung, PhD



Upcoming Workshop: Creating Persuasive Funding Proposals

What can you do to make sure your proposal makes it to the approval list in this highly competitive environment? How can you find the right funder? What are funders looking for in a grant proposal? Practical advice will develop participants’ skills for writing a winning proposal.

Join us for a day long beginner-level session that outlines the essential elements of a proposal  and how you might use these skills with your own projects or pilots.

*Includes a workbook *

Presenter: Lorna McCue, Executive Director, Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition


YOUTH SUBSTANCE USE: Evidence and Implications

This workshop will allow the participants to stay current on the types of substances being used by youth. Topics will include: trends and patterns of use, emerging issues, the impact of substance use on youth brain development and how peer-education can be a model for effective prevention programming.

By the end of this presentation the audience will:

  • Examine the influence of media-driven information and how to distinguish the facts from the hype.
  • Examine the evidence around the particular vulnerabilities of youth pertaining to the developmental pathways that both influence and are impacted by youths’ substance use patterns.
  • Receive information on current research around the genetic and brain development of adolescents, with an emphasis on resiliency and how resilience-based interventions can positively impact youth development.

Join us for a 3 hour beginner/intermediate-level session.

 Presenter: Patricia Scott-Jeoffroy


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